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Tribulation & Trust Ministry
Evangelistic ministry to help people achieve an overcoming life in Christ.
Discipleship House

The Discipleship House was a 13 bed facility located in Lancaster, PA.  My wife Megan and I oversaw the house.  We lived there with our children for 2 years.  We invited young Believer's in Christ to come and live in a serious discipleship atmosphere.  The people who lived there paid $300.00 a month to stay there, they held down a job and were seeking out God's will for their life, some were students.  There were daily devotions and weekly Bible Studies, plus multiple service opportunities.  Our hope was to mature Believer's and empower them to a life long dedicated service to Jesus. We also gave emergency housing to people coming out of prison and off the street who were trying to rebuild their lives. When God moved us back to Iowa, He had another ministry move into the place to continue on doing His work trying to help people rebuild their lives.