November 19, 2012 @ 1:59 PM

 It is my belief that the United States of America needs to repent from their sins as a whole, and return their focus on God.  The reason for repentance is not to just find favor with God.  The reason for repentance is because we are not living as we are called.  We are not being a light in a dark world.  Our light is getting dimmer and dimmer as we seek worldly values and immorality.  Yes, there are several Believers in America who truly seek Christ.  Praise God for this remnant.  God desires more!!  There are too many people using our Lord's name in vain as they claim Christianity with their mouth and not their heart. Jesus is our role model, He did not seek wealth, fame or recognition of Himself, Jesus pointed to the Father as we are to point to Jesus and not ourselves. The life of sacrifice, death to selfishness in each individual.  Do your part. Repent America, Repent!!!  JESUS IS LORD!!! We need to live this message in our lives and once again the Light of Christ will shine in this Country.