December 26, 2012 @ 9:11 PM


The Christmas Story


Another Christmas is past.

What did it mean? What was it about?

How long did it last? Christmas lights, shopping, travelling, fun?

Candy canes, cookies, family, or rum?

Carols, gift-giving, decorations galore?

Santa Claus, reindeer, eggnog, or more?


Or was Christmas about what it should really be?

The birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior, God’s gift to you and me?

You know the truth, you hear it a lot.

When everything is stripped away, what have you got?

A babe in a manger, a gift from above;

The Way, the Truth , the Life, God’s great love.


Yes, every year you hear a tid-bit.

From the Bible, in Matthew and Luke, or even a skit.

They tell of Mary, the virgin, chosen by God.

She is to bring into this world our gift from above.

They tell of Joseph, the step-dad, extraordinaire;

He is to raise, as a son, the Messiah, Jesus;

Who to the throne, He will be heir.


Joseph and Mary were visited by angels, messengers of the Divine.

They hardly questioned, just said, “Your will be mine.”

“We will raise your baby, Jesus, whom is given to us,

Let us love and nurture Him as You do us.”


Yes, the King was born in a stable.

Joseph tried, but nothing else was available.

Who could imagine, that the Son of God would arrive,

In a place where donkeys, sheep, and critters thrive.

This humble and lowly start, was only in part,

The cost, of the Savior sent to seek and save the lost.


Now when He was born, a star,

Appeared in the east, as a signal to wise men from afar.

The King is born, the Messiah indeed!!

Let us go worship and lay gifts at His feet.

They started their journey -  Oh but indeed,

There were some even closer, where the sheep get their feed.


The Shepherds were visited by Angels and God’s glory divine;

Telling them, “Go to town, this is what you shall find.”

A babe in a manger, a gift from above.

A priceless token of God’s great love.

The Savior, who is Christ the Lord.


They heard, and ran to Bethlehem in one accord,

Could it be? The Messiah, Emmanuel, one prophesied about?

They arrived and sure enough without a doubt,

As the Angels had said,

There lay the Baby asleep in His bed.


Oh – they rejoiced exceedingly glad.

Here was the little Lord Jesus with Mom and Dad.

Let us sing praises and shout and tell everyone about,

The Baby born today, His is down in the stable asleep on the hay.


The Wise men arrived from afar.

They had been directed by the bright star;

Also a king who was scared for his throne,

Once he heard the new King had been born.

The wise men were warned that Herod had evil intent.

How? Because once again the angels had been sent.

The Wise men presented their gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold.

These gifts have meaning, I say

A story I’ll save for another day


Now, I ask you, since our vision is clear,

And Christmas is past us today.

Our vision you see can be hindered,

But hindsight is 20/20 they say.

What was Christmas to you?


Was it about God’s love, mercy, and grace,

The gift of His Son to save men and women of every race?

Or was it, just for you, all the trappings and trim,

Where the thought of God never enters in?


Now as you go on your way, will you try and be true?

Live the love that God has shown you.

Don’t stop celebrating because the Christmas holiday is through.

You can celebrate His birth, life, death, and resurrection too.

You can celebrate everyday like Christmas day;

Giving love that God has given you!!


                                                                                    Written through Darren Brown

                                                                                    By the Holy Spirit on 12-23-01