December 25, 2012 @ 8:24 PM

Have you ever thought about Christmas in the manner that it is Jesus's Birthday, instead of a modernized gift giving holiday?  When it is your Birthday what do you do?  At my house we have a party, cake, ice cream, I get gifts, and I get to pick what is for supper, it is all about me.  What a great day!!  Now , how come Christmas isn't all about Jesus?  He should get the presents.  It started out that way, the wise men brought Him gifts. We have taken Jesus's birthday and made it once again about us.  We give one another presents, but it is His birthday, what about Him?  We pick the traditional Christmas Dinner, what about Him, maybe He would rather we ate something else.  If i know Jesus, He would want us to clothe the naked, bring to our houses the cast out, feed the hungry and heal the sick on His birthday.  He said, If your hungry come eat, if your thirsty come drink.  What was he talking about?   Remember when he told the disciples, after talking to the women at the well.   "i have food to eat of which you do not know" John 4:32 or in John Chapter 6 when He say's I am the Bread of Life.  What is He talking about?  I believe He is saying for us to live the life of love that He lived.  He died so we can live, we should be dying to ourselves so others can live.  A true Christmas party is where everyone is living to help others, seeking to bring spiritual healing to everyone, meeting physical need of the less fortunate.  Now that Christmas is Past, How did you celebrate Jesus Birthday, was it in a manner that He would be well pleased or were you focused on you?